Welcome to Greedy Girls Party / Hotwife Parties.
I am JoJo your hostess. I arrange occasional parties for Greedy Girls and Hotwives in Atlantic Canada who like to have sex with several men at the same time.

What is a Greedy Girl?

Greedy girls are girls who like to have sex - lots of sex.

We love to have sex with several guys at the same time, or one after the other.

What is a Hotwife?

A Hotwife is a married woman who has sex with other men, making her husband a Cuckold.


Want to Join the Fun?

I host a Greedy Girl Party once a month at my home in StAndrews, New Brunswick, Canada

Single Ladies of all ages over 18 are welcome to come along to one of my "Greedy Girl Parties".

I allow about 10 - 15 more guys than ladies to come along for some fun.

Couples are also very welcome to attend.

To book to attend visit my parties website at www.joanddavid.party

You can then create a short profile about yourself and then you can book yourself onto the guestlist for a future event.


Who am I?

I am JoJo, I am a Swinger, a Greedy Girl and a Hotwife.

I arranged Swingers Parties every month for 16 years in Spain and I also arranged Greedy Girls/Hotwife Parties when I had enough interested ladies.

I now arrange 1 swingers party and 1 greedy girls party every month here in Atlantic Canada.

I have always been a Greedy Girl and I love having the attention of several guys at the same time. Happily my husband encourages me and loves watching me when I am surrounded by a group of guys fucking me. Have a look at some of my pictures from the past at my picture website https://joanddavid.com


Next Party.

greedy girls party by jo and davids atlantic canada swingers parties greedy girls party by jo and davids atlantic canada swingers parties


The price to enter is $75CAD per single man or couple, $30CAD for single greedy girls.

The entry donation includes all your drinks and a buffet.


Visit my party website at https://joanddavid.party where you can find out more about my parties and you can book to attend this event.


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Find a Hotwife

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